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We are Megan (the tall one) and Sarah (the short one), Owners of Rhea Lana of Pleasant Prairie, WI. Thank you for visiting our website.

We strongly believe that our fellow mamas of southeast Wisconsin are in the same boat as us- we love shopping for our kiddos but they seem to grow out of their clothes as soon as we buy them! Additionally, we have WAY too many toys, clothes, and random baby apparatuses that our kids either grew out of or do not play with anymore. It is time to take back our homes! Who is with us??

With over 16 years of sales in 24 different states, the Rhea Lana mission is simple- provide moms an easy way sell their children's clothes and toys for a fair price - and to buy excellent quality children's items at affordable prices.

We are excited and honored to bring Rhea Lana to the Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha area and look forward to contributing to this amazing community of strong women.

Megan Wells, Owner

Sarah Hughes, Owner

Before we all proud moms do, we could not sign off without showing off some pictures of our cute kids.

Meganís babes
Lincoln 6 months and Emerson 3 years

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Sarahís babes
Shelby 7 years and Jacob 9 years

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